Travel & Adventure Show in Chicago

My family and I went to the show today and we had such a great time! There were so many different vendors represented, so I was pleasantly surprised to see such a great variety. Everything from local (MidWest area) hotels and resorts, to Mexico, Caribbean, Europe, Africa, Asia, Alaska, hotels, resorts, tour companies... wow, so many wonderful things to do and places to see.
I also got to meet alot of wonderful representatives, which, for me, is always the most enjoyable part of going to these shows. It can get really exhausting walking around, carrying heavy bags of brochures, weaving your way through crowds, etc... but meeting the reps and learning about some new places, is always very fun and worthwhile to me. We were able to ride on a camel, my daughter got her face painted and a balloon twisted into an animal (she chose a snake, which to me seemed like an awfully easy choice for a balloon animal....anyway...), we petted strange and exotic creatures at the 'wild encounters' table, we watched some cultural shows, and really had a great time!

One great side benefit (if you like to walk, of course) is it is amazing how much exercise you can get! I told my daughter, of course on the way out, that we should have worn a pedometer to see how much we walked. Just from the parking garage to the show hall alone felt like AT LEAST 5 miles. I'm sure it was probably only about 1 mile, but still, it's quite a trek! My goodness, just walking through that loooooooooong, heavily heated people tube TO the convention center, is a workout in and of itself. So between walking to/ from the parking, and all around the show, you get in a decent amount of exercise. Oh! and just a word of advice, try to park on the nearside of where the walkway is (Level 2 preferably), and leave your coats in the car. You will be hot immediately once you step foot in that walkway, and then you'll just be lugging your coat around. There is a coat check for a fee, so that is an option, but I'm glad we just left our coats in the car.

The show will still be going on Sunday, Jan 30th so if you have nothing to do today, you should go and check it out! Hours Sunday are 11-4 at Donald E Stephens Convention Center in Rosemont.

Bears or Packers... who's your pick?

So I'm not the biggest of Football fans, but who doesn't love a good playoff game, right? This Sunday Chicago will host long time rivals, the Green Bay Packers, in a fight to the finish play off game to see who will go to the Super Bowl against either the Pittsburgh Steelers or.... um, the Jets right? =) Even though I'm not an 'official' born and raised Chicagoan, I have lived here the longest of anywhere in my life (my 16th year in this great city!) so I consider myself an adopted Chicagoan and hence able to root wholeheartedly for the Bears. You can definitely feel the tension and the rivalry spirit in the local community, though! Even though the game will be played at home in Soldier Field, many are predicting that the Packers will shine and win this Epic game. I certainly hope not because I'd love to see the Bears in the SuperBowl! My family and I will most likely be watching from home and the comfort of our warm comfy couch, but I know there are some big parties and events planned for this BIG game! Everyone be safe out there this weekend, and GO BEARS!

Happy 2011!

Although we are now into week 3 of 2011, I wanted to wish everyone a happy and prosperous year! Better late than never, right?! I have lots of ideas and changes coming soon to my business and also my blog, so stay tuned. I won't bore everyone with my list of goals and aspirations for the year, but I am happy that this is the first year that I've actually put this down on paper. In years past I've made mental lists, but I've found that that may not always be the best way to go about goal setting. Although I did in fact achieve some goals that I mentally set for myself for 2010, I want to quantify this a bit more, so at least I've started the year off right with my written list. I am also working on my travel 'bucket list'.... again, something I've done mentally in the past, but writing it down will be so much easier to keep track of goals that I've reached or not reached. I think I will try just a general bucket list, and then at the end of each year, I can see how much I completed and crossed off the list! Sounds good, yes? =) Are there any travel destinations on your bucket list this year that you'd like to share?

Thanks again for reading and stay tuned for more updates and changes.

Sending thoughts and prayers to the people in the beautiful Bahama Islands, and all those in the path of Hurricane  Dorian along the east...