Soulful Journeys

Do you yearn for a vacation beyond the ordinary, one that engages the mind, relaxes the body, and enlivens the soul?

Are you ready for a travel experience that ignites all of your senses — from the heady aromas of a spice market to the loosening of limbs during a sunrise yoga session?

Do you want to see first hand all the beauty this world has to offer …  sans Instagram filters?

Travel That Lifts Your Spirit and Sets Your Soul on Fire

I’m Christy, the luxury travel advisor behind Soulful Journeys Travel. Through Soulful Journeys, I design travel experiences that reconnect you to your own sense of wonder. We all have a lightness within us, an inner child who yearns to explore fearlessly and love without hesitation.

Too often, though, we don’t let our light shine — we get bogged down with day-to-day details, overwhelmed by the endless to-do lists at work, or distracted by every “ping” our smart phones emit.

But here’s the good news: Travel can change that. Intentional, expertly designed travel experiences help you reconnect with the land, with your loved ones, and — above all — with yourself.

Ask yourself:

When’s the last time you let yourself be awed by the majesty of mist-covered mountains …

 surprised by the sour-sweetness of just-picked berries that burst in your mouth …

… or cradled by the warmth of the sun’s last rays as it sinks below the horizon?

It’s time to truly feel again. It all starts with an experiential travel itinerary tailored to your needs and full of the life-affirming moments your soul has been yearning for.

I’d be honored to build that experience for you.

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Photo credit: Shannon Cunningham LeBlanc

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