Barbados ~ A Beautiful, Tropical Paradise (Vol 1)

There are so many islands in the Caribbean, and some even sound similar... Anguilla, Antigua, St Martin (US), St Maarten (Dutch), Dominica, Dominican Republic, Bermuda, Bonaire, Bahamas.  Unless you are a wiz in geography, it's very easy to get these islands confused and 'The Caribbean' is a big place. Each island can be very different as well, which is why using a Travel Agent to help with your planning needs is really critical! (wink wink)

But regardless, when you think Caribbean, we all pretty much have the same vision ~ A relaxed island setting, tropical weather, beautiful beaches, sunny skies, and amazing sunrises and sunsets.  That was definitely the case when I visited the beautiful island of Barbados recently.

I was fortunate to attend a short trip to Barbados on the inaugural Delta flight to commemorate this new non-stop service from Atlanta to Barbados twice a week. We were only on the island for two nights, but it was jam-packed and busy, and probably one of the best work-related trips I've ever been on.

Upon stepping off the plane after the relaxing 4 hour flight from Atlanta to Barbados, we were greeted by the local Tourism Board members and officials. We shook hands as they all welcomed us to the country. It was a beautiful day, and the sound of Caribbean island music was playing nearby. I couldn't contain my smile and enthusiasm for our visit!

We took a short shuttle ride, approximately 30 minutes, to our host hotel The Crane Resort. I loved the narrow, bumpy roads weaving through roundabouts and bicycle riders. The island really had such a Caribbean feel, with a little bit of Africa, a little bit of Jamaica mixed in. The vibe was relaxed and island-y. No problem!

I was so amazed when we got to the resort. My reaction was basically 'We get to stay here??'
The resort was surrounded by beautiful flowers and foliage, tall tropical palms and plumeria trees flowing in the island breeze, koi ponds, and monkeys jumping through the trees.
A deep breath in, ahhhhhhh.

What an incredible setting. We checked in, while sipping a rum punch (of course, duh) and then taken to our rooms.

I was brought to a 1 Bedroom Ocean Front Penthouse Suite with private rooftop terrace..... :o Seriously? Ok, sounds great to me!  Check it out:

The suite had a full kitchen with fridge, washer/ dryer, Sitting room with flat screen TV, two bathrooms including the luxurious Master bath, full deck with furniture, separate bedroom with four-post bed, and of course the private rooftop deck overlooking the ocean. It was stunning. The decor was neutral but elegant, and very Classic European.

I immediately made myself at home, and headed upstairs to the deck to soak up some much needed Vitamin D.

The weather was perfect. Hot, a little humid, but not too bad. Beautiful puffy clouds, and the sound of the ocean waves crashing nearby. I could only rest for a little bit before needing to get ready for our event that evening, but I wanted to take in as much of the resort (and my room!) as I could.

The Crane Resort is just such a diverse property, with so much history, and yet manages to maintain it's classic charm while still keeping up with modern improvements. The Crane would be perfect for a Destination Wedding, Honeymoon, or even a family trip as the resort does allow kids. They have also just started offering an all-inclusive package, but you can opt for an EP plan too if you prefer. It's great to have options! The service at the resort was great, and everyone I encountered was extremely helpful and friendly.

Here's a picture of the beach at The Crane:

And one of the pools:

I have so much more to share about Barbados and will be adding more in a future post.

So stay tuned!

And if you think you'd like to visit beautiful Barbados, please send us an email or give us a call at 404-913-1285. We'd love to help with your travel plans!

Sending thoughts and prayers to the people in the beautiful Bahama Islands, and all those in the path of Hurricane  Dorian along the east...