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I'm Christy and am the Founder and Certified Travel Associate for Get Up Go Travel LLC. As an experienced world traveler, I love helping my clients learn about and experience new destinations and have amazing travel experiences! I have a strong passion for people and different cultures, and feel that travel can provide an enriching and life-changing experience. 
I love exploring off-the-beaten-path places and finding anything unique or interesting. My favorite destination is Africa ever since my first backpacking trip in 1997, and I'm looking forward to serving more clients interested in safaris to Southern and Eastern Africa.

I'm Barbara, and I help retired and active adult travelers overcome the challenges associated with modern-day travel planning so that they are able to enjoy the fun and anticipation of planning their bucket list vacations. Even though older travelers are still very young at heart, they are not always tech-savvy, and sifting through the internet can be very overwhelming and daunting. Through my knowledge and supplier relationships, I am able to assist with navigating the multitude of options, and help to narrow down the best choices within their specified budget. Additionally, I’ve worked with several special-needs clients, and am qualified to advise on accessibility options at various destinations and cruise lines. 

My background working with the National Park Service for 33 years has also provided me with a deep understanding of many highlight destinations across the United States. I have also traveled extensively with my husband in our motorhome, and love meeting new people at the RV Resorts that we visit. I enjoy sharing my love for travel, and being a resource and advocate for retirees when they are ready to start planning their next dream vacation!

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